My first entry into a Ludum Dare, for LD39.

You have 4 different systems that all do stuff and you need to adjust the power ratios so that everything runs smoothly. There's:

  • A drill, which is the main goal
  • Weapons to defend from attackers on the ground
  • Shields to defend from air strikes
  • Support systems that will very slowly give you more energy.

If the attackers or air strikes get through, you lose energy.


This project was going really smoothly up until the last day, where I found a major bug in the code that synchronizes the sliders. After fiddling with the section of code for several hours, I decided that I was too tired to be able to fix it. As a result, the enemy damage and spawn curves were left somewhat unpolished and on the easy side. The connection to the theme suffers as a result. If I can manage to shrink the bloated code down and find the bug, I might finish the enemy numbers and release an updated version that's better balanced.


Download 14 MB
Download 14 MB

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