State of Affairs 10 Days After Beta Launch

     I don't know how to start these things off. Maybe I should stalk Paradox's devlogs and steal their format? Not sure. Anyways. I just wanted to go over a few things. Even if no one reads this, at least I'll have it for posterity's sake.

      Development's gone a little slowly the past couple weeks, mostly because I've been busy with other things: Ludum Dare, studying for entrance exams, taking entrance exams. Since the original launch, all I've added in is a new hocky-esque mode and some rules to support it. I also upgraded my linguine tier code to spaghetti tier. It then immediately fell back down. I haven't published that yet, because I still want to test it some.

     I plan to release, or at least get fairly close to releasing, a version with online play before school near at the end of the month. I think I figured out the big hurdle that was stopping me, so now I just need to find a way around it.

     I also plan to add the ability for custom music (and maybe revamp the made-in-audacity sound effects). That got scrapped at the absolute last second, when I realized that my test songs showed up in the wrong format. It shouldn't take too much work to figure out, but it's also fairly low on the priorities.

Finally, I revamped the Twitter account that I abandoned several years ago.  If you want smaller, more common updates, that's where you can find them.  You can also take a trip back to 2009 when all anyone tweeted about was how weird and useless seeming Twitter is. These devlogs will probably be saved for bigger things like patch notes. You can find me @HatKillerQ, because someone else apparently decided that they wanted to not use the name @llamaq.

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