Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42.

Welcome to the world of apartment management! Your goal is to organize your tenants in such a way as to cause the least annoyance-by-neighbor possible.

How to play:
New tenants will pop up at the top of the screen one at a time. The tenants next in line are visible on the right side of the screen. Tenants will slowly fall inwards automatically, but can be moved around the apartment building with the left and right arrow keys. Once they're inside the green zone you can no longer rotate them and they will continue moving until stopped. Pressing 2, colliding with another tenant, or letting them fall all the way through the green zone will stop them where they are. Holding 1 while colliding with another tenement will push that tenant and any that they collide with over a single space. Each tenant can make their neighbors in the cardinal directions more or less happy. This is shown with green and red arrows (if colorblind mode is marked, light blue and dark orange). The happier a tenant is, the more points they're worth. If you land or push a tenant outside of the apartment building, you get a strike. The game ends after 3 strikes. If you fill up the building with extra strikes left over, you can use use them to make last minute adjustments by pushing on entire rows or columns, or you can let them land out of bounds to end the game.

Scoring: Each tenant is worth 1 point to start. For every point of happiness from their neighbors, the tenant's worth doubles. If the tenant's net-happiness is negative, the same applies.

0 Happiness: 1 point

1 Happiness: 2 points

2 Happiness: 4 points

3 Happiness: 8 points

4 Happiness: 16 points

Arrows, A/D - rotate tenant around building.

1, Z - Hold 1 to shove other tenants over by one block; be careful, pushing them out of the building will give you a strike!

2, X - Pressing 2 while the active tenant is inside the apartment building will cause it to stop where it is and spawn the next tenant.


Programming - Llamaq

Sprites -  Saikar

Backgrounds - The Zefarian

Music - Blooga the Whale


Flathates Windows - v. 1.1 - Bug fixes 26 MB
Flathates Windows - v1.0 29 MB
Flathates OSX - v. 1.1 - Bug fixes 30 MB
Flatehates Mac - v1.0 30 MB
Flathates Linux - v. 1.1 - Bug fixes 29 MB
Flatehates Linux - v1.0 29 MB


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